What to wear


All riders must wear a current BSi Standard Hat. This is either PAS 015 or EN 1384.  For the first few lessons riders may borrow a hat from us. Riders are expected to have their own hats when they go into a group. Please note if your hat does not comply to current standards you will not be allowed to ride. 

Foot wear 

Riders should wear riding boots. For the first few lessons riders may borrow a pair of riding boots from us. Before joining a group lesson you are required to purchase your own footwear.

Body protectors
These are compulsory for cross country work.


Please wear comfortable and flexible clothing but nothing neither to loose or restrictive. Shorts or cropped trousers are not suitable. In warm weather please also make sure you wear something that covers your shoulders and upper arms, for safety reasons. If you are wearing a vest top / sleeveless shirt you may be asked to put a jumper on in order to ride.